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Cooperation Agreement

Dongguan HengYao Machinery Co. Ltd. Join consignment details

Harmony & win-win, honesty is the constant pursuit of business philosophy & purpose of yao. Give us a pleasant harmonious atmosphere of cooperation, win-win prospect gives us fruitful returns, cooperation based integrity gives us mutual trust. We would like to join hands together to create a better future.

A, Agents to join conditions:

1, With the qualification of independent legal person.

2, Have a good reputation, sincere & long-term cooperation attitude, has a certain influence in the channel region ;

3, Familiar with the ultrasonic mechanical properties & the market, in the textile, leather, shoes & hats, crafts, plastic, electronics & other ultrasonic applications have certain customer resources, or entity sales terminal.

4, A professional marketing team responsible for channel development, maximize channel laying;

5, To fully tap their own channels & various resources fully promotion work;

6, To strictly enforce the policies of our party, & timely complete all kinds of statements.

7, Have good ability of terminal marketing & preliminary relevant professional skills, can better solve the pre-sale, sale & certain customer service service.


Two, Join support

A & strict product inspection procedures, substandard products not manufactured, qualified products & product specifications book dispensing inspection, to ensure that customers can use our products properly. Where my factory produced products, strictly fulfill the relevant provisions of national industrial products customer service service, to fulfill the obligations of three packets, the products of the factory from the date of shipment within twelve months, in accordance with the instructions under normal operating conditions, the company responsible for the quality of warranty intact.

B ,  Ensure staff training: training the company will carry out the general situation of the product, the product operation & maintenance agents basic product knowledge.

C , hang Yiu will provide direct products to dealers for many years successful business model without reservation, combined with local conditions, to help dealers make the product promotion plan.

D Bolnus, will be the latest trends of the industry & all kinds of market information & timely feedback to the dealers.

E The products, preferential discount, to maximize the dealer profit margins.


Three. Join form

Cooperation: we provide the agent according to the price of getting goods directly from our table. Our generation can be shipped directly to.

Bolnus the rights & obligations of the company provides the product pictures & instructions, & other relevant information, to provide customer service product warranty service.

Dealer: the rights & obligations of independent management, sales free, low cost, low risk.

Work characteristics: independent control yourself;


Four, Join the process

Contact the company or visit our website to understand the basic situation - After the confirmation to the boltun company to ask for "join in application form" - The company audit - With the consent of both parties signed the agreement contract (and provide a copy of the ID card copy of the business license or other valid documents) - Our company through the network send price list & sample contract C Company mail cover company dedicated seal contract contract ---- The agency to carry out the work