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After-sales Service


A.Service content:

1.The company produced all the products or parts are entitled to a certain period of free warranty service;

2.The company produced all the all provide on-site installation & operator training;

3.The machine can be produced to provide all of the company operating instructions;

4.The company provides 6 X 8 Technical advisory telephone service hours;

5.The company provides emergency maintenance services, the Pearl River Delta region can provide Twenty-four Hours of service, other domestic areas Forty-eight International customers negotiate hours.


B.The warranty & maintenance scope:

1.All the cargo arrived to the customer self designated location, the installation is completed on the date of delivery is guaranteed for one year;

2.The main random parts warranty period Ninety To the day One hundred & eighty Days, according to the purchase contract execution;

3.More than the warranty period or spare parts, the company provides paid service according to the cost price.


C.Non warranty:

1.The vulnerability is not within the scope of warranty;

2.The company provides customers without replacement of non unit internal parts (including mechanical & electrical parts) failure or damage caused by;

3.Due to irresistible factors (such as fire, earthquake, flood & debris flow) failure or damage caused by;

4.Failure or damage caused by intentional damage, improper operation or other human factors.


D.Customer service hotline & contact:

In the case of the machine failure or operating questions, please call the company telephone 86-769-82993960 Contact Mr. zhang.